Thursday, May 25, 2017

Music Video Finale

The team that I chose was Chelsea, Lucas, and Kiersten. The song that we all agreed on was Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots. We chose this song because it's a song that we all can probably relate to. It is completely clean and easy to cover, so the music video and the story should be pretty easy to understand, but also keeps the viewers attention and makes them want to see more of it. We also chose the song because of its simplicity. It was really easy to figure out what the song would be about. All of us saw that it would be easy to make a storyline that would go well with the lyrics.

The storyline that we created was about 4 kids that have to face the struggles of being a middle schooler, which means that they are not able to keep up with all of the homework that they are given. The 4 kids are all thinking about when they were young and could play outside all day long. The storyline relates to the lyrics because the song is mainly about someone that is facing lots of problems and just wants to turn back time to when they were young and had no problems with life. The storyline in the song is basically the same one that we have, the only difference being that we are using the lives of 4 middle schoolers whereas the song only uses one person to tell the story.

I feel like this music video project does showcase our best work because it takes lots and lots of skill. You need to do lots of planning and you need to be extremely productive when you do meet up. Whenever you can, you need to meet up with at least one member of your team so that you are able to film all of your scenes. You need to film all of the scenes early so that you have more than enough time editing. Even though you need to finish filming early, you shouldn't rush the process. You still need the scenes to be high quality, so take your time to make sure none of the shots are shaky where it shouldn't be. You need to make sure that when you're editing, you need to synch the singing with your singers. You don't want a person to be singing off key or else it throws the rest of the video off.

Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots

Monday, April 10, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

I was in charge of making our projects synopsis. While I was making the synopsis, I was thinking of ways to captivate the audience and make them really think about how the movie will play out. I also wanted to make sure that I could leave the audience hanging with a really good cliffhanger. I wanted the synopsis to still be very informative without giving away too much information and without making it too long so that the reader spends less time actually reading the synopsis and spends more time wanting to learn more about the movie. One of the ways that I contributed to the project is by adding and implementing some of my ideas into the original idea without actually changing it too drastically, kind of like small improvements to something that is already good.

One of my group's biggest challenges were the meetings. It wasn't hard getting part of the group together, but what was hard was getting the entire group over to film. Lucas and I were originally the only ones that would meet up after school either to film or to record audio. It wasn't until after Lucas and I finished our scenes that the rest of the group decided to plan our meetings because of their tight schedules. One of our biggest successes was productivity. When Lucas and I actually met up, we got all of the scenes that involved us done in at least one day. When the whole group met up, we were actually getting a lot of filming done because we didn't waste any time playing around. We has lots of daylight, so after we got done filming all of our shots, we went back and looked at our footage to see if it was good. If the scene looked like it could be better, we would try to re-film it so that we would have a higher quality video as a result.

Overall, everybody in our class did an excellent job acting in their movie trailer and editing it. Everyone in the class was dedicated to making their movie look good. El Demonio Begins, which is Me, Gavin's, Ashton's, and Lucas' movie trailer, ended up being the movie trailer that got voted the best out of the class. Objection Overruled came in second and In Too Deep, Trapped, and XIII Memory all had a tie for third place. I learned that you shouldn't overthink the sound effects or music because you'll end up taking forever to find the right ones. It's very easy to do this because obviously you want your movie trailer to be absolutely perfect.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

I chose my team based on what Mr. Sanderl would consider a good team. I wanted my team to have a girl to maybe give us ideas on how to appeal to the other genders audience. We also have a returning GT member to help us animate. We also have 2 boys in our group so that our animation will most likely appeal to both audiences. The people in my group are Malia, JB and me, Richard. My group has picked out the best focus statement that we presented to each other. One of our goals is to figure out how the first noun of the focus statement will slowly transform into the second noun by using the verb. Another one of our goals is what it will turn into and how it uses the verb to transform into the second noun. One of the focus statements we had were "Richard develops strength". The story will start off with Richard as a shrimp and he will turn into something stronger, emotionally and possibly physically, like a lobster or something. Another story that we decided on was "Wolf Understands Love." The point of this story was to show that even a character as distant as a wolf can become kinder.

The focus statement that we chose was "Wolf Understands Love." This focus statement shows how someone that is very distant from everything can learn to love if someone can just give them the push that they need. In the first scene, the wolf is shown playing with his dad. One stormy night, the dad leaves him, which causes the wolf to be very sad and grumpy. In the second scene, a friendly dog finds the wolf crying and suggests that he joins a magical school for animals. The wolf decides to join the school. In the third scene, he makes new friends that enjoy playing with him. His teacher comes up to him while playing and asks the wolf if he wants to be a fish. In the fourth scene, the wolf decides that he will live the rest of his life as a fish.

I feel like the results that we got are fair. The audio that we recorded was decent. It could be heard clearly but the message might have been a bit hard to understand if you listen to it. The characters are well drawn and are easily recognized when seen. There was only a small problem and that was that there was not enough props really used at all. I feel like the story that we told was creative. You wouldn't really get the message the first time you watch it, but it is evident once you find out the relation of fish and schools. The overall score for our animation is pretty fair because we got the message across easily, but some scenes looked drastically different from the other ones, mostly the claymation ones. There were some parts that aren't as high quality as the rest of the scenes.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Geometric Portrait

I think that facial expressions are universal because based on a wikipedia article about facial expressions, there are 6 emotions from facial expressions that can be recognized from all around the world. Based on  a study that Paul Ekman did, facial expressions are universal. He tested the South Fore people to see if they could recognize the 6 main facial expressions that are believed to be universal. They told them stories about the expression and asked them to pick the correct facial expression. They chose correctly 60 - 70% of the time.

First, I set up a symmetrical picture, which was of me laughing. I then outlined half of my face. I do this so that I can just flip it and not waste time on filling out the other half of my face, explaining why the picture is symmetrical. After I outline my face, I make the triangles on my hair. I do this because it is not part of the skin, but it is it's own layer by itself. I fill out the small parts so that I don't have to worry about them later. I then proceed by making the bigger triangles on my skin, which was done easier because of the fact that I did the small things like the lip, eye, brow and nose first.

My Poly-1 image was a little bit better than my Poly-2 in my opinion. I finished my Poly-1 without having to rush anything and without having too much time spent on detailing the skin. I think that I used more shapes that aren't really triangles on the Poly-1 because I had trouble making the triangle that I needed. The Poly-2 image was good, but it could have been a lot better. I spent too much time detailing parts of the skin. I feel like all the time spent on the triangles could have gone towards finishing and detailing the more important features such as the nose, eyes, and mouth. I think that I could have taken the picture with a more exciting background so that if I made it low poly, the image would look better in contrast. This would have made my final project a lot better.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

Without nature, I really wouldn't have a good reason to love the outdoors. I would be sitting inside all day and all night. Nature is why I love to go outside and appreciate what nature gives me. It gives me something to look at, something to smell, even something to taste. The variety of nature is the most beautiful thing about it. There is always something new for me to look at.

Slow-Mos and timelapses are created by natural occurring events in nature. It could be clouds rolling in from the sky or raindrops falling into a puddle. Slow-Mos are usually Macro shots of a subject and timelapses are usually wide angle shots of a subject. The subject can be anything you want as long as it fits in the frame or comes into the frame. The camera needs to be completely still throughout the video.

One of the hardest parts of taking my slow-mo's and my time lapses was making an environmental tripod when there was nothing but flat surface. I had to go out and find a rock to lay my camera. My favorite part of this was when I saw change in the environment. It wasn't just a still shot of nothing, I was experiencing the clouds rolling in from the hills as I checked my footage.

I agree with my results because my voice clip was soft and the music and video didn't sync. I accidentally cut my video off too short, so one very important word was cut from my final clip. My clips were also not related to the words I was saying in my poem. When I said that the leaves were rustling, I put a timelapse of the clouds rolling in. One thing I could do to improve my clip is to make my clips actually make sense to the viewer. When I say "The leaves are rustling," there should be a clip of the leaves rustling in the wind. Another thing I could do to improve is to make the sounds in the clip louder. I want to hear the sounds of the leaves rustling in the wind when I say that. It would make my clip a lot more fun to watch and listen to.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

Poetry is a literary art form that expresses the writers emotions. It usually makes the reader feel the same way as the writer, or at least understands the writer. Poetry explains how the writer feels emotionally towards a subject during that time. Poetry could rhyme, but it doesn't always have to. As long as a story is is told and the reader is able to feel emotion for the story, then it is a good poem.

My dreams are planting seeds, they are growing into realities.
These inspirational sparks, they set fire to my worries.
My veins filled with liquid lightning, hyping me up for this.
I don't know about you, but this feels like bliss.
This crowd is filling me with determination.
Most feel anxiety, I feel relaxation.
I kind of like this, believe it or not.
Now if you'll let me, I'm going to take my shot.

I made my words rhyme with other words that I felt like it would make sense when put with one another. The rhythm I used feels really smooth and fits well with my writing. It's simple, but it looks nice. I feel like the reader can connect to the words if the words run smoother.